Glueheads #3 (2015)

GlueHeads is an on going contemporary collage project directed and curated by Anelor Robin. GlueHeads Exihition#3 took place for one day on Nov. 21, 2015 @ Hochparterre Berlin with Gaby Bila Günther, Jorge Chamorro, Claude Eigan, Christian Elixmann, Lydia Emojotzeties, Marco Goldenstein, Kai Holland, Carol Mantke, Taher Mhamdi, D.M. Nagu, Anelor Robin, Bene Rohlmann and Stefan Schneider. The point being that all the artists come together in the morning and exhibit what they come up with during the day the same evening.

The results were later published in GlueHeads #3, beautifully designed by Maycec.