D.M. Nagu is a collage artist working and living in Berlin. He started to exhibit his collage work in 2014. His images are mostly organized in series and follow a conceptual approach. He is particularly interested in the processes of signification – be it pictorial or linguistic. Drawing on his background as a language and literary scholar, he understands the processes of cutting up as a means to first strip given material of its meaning, and then give new meaning through the act of collaging or assembling. The work investigates how to create original artworks before the backdrop of appropriation art and copyright issues. He also curates and writes about collage art.

His work has been published in the magazines  Glueheads, Prophet Zine, Nancy,  and in the books „Von Kopf bis Fuss. Bausteine zu einer Kulturgeschichte der Kleidung“, ed. by Ch. Kutschbach and F. Schmieder, Berlin 2015; and Marc Martin: „Fenster zum Klo, Hommage an den Klappensex,“ Ausstellungskatalog Schwules Museum, Berlin 2017.

For current projects please go to instagram, an uncensored scrapbook version can be found on tumblr.