Exhibition opening on Oct. 19, 2017

On October 19th my new show DER GROSSE SCHREI NACH FREIHEIT (The great cry for freedom) will open at the Oval Room at Babylon Mitte in Berlin, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30.

DER GROSSE SCHREI NACH FREIHEIT is based on material from the movie journal “Film und Fernsehen” that was published in East Germany from 1973 onwards and engages with the historical architecture of the movie theatre where the work is shown. The series of collages on display uses black-and-white material almost exclusively taken from this journal. Some of the images that have been used are film stills, others are photographs used to illustrate the articles. These are occasionally combined with article headlines to create complex pictures. Whereas film relies essentially on a montage that organizes images sequentially, the pieces of material in this collage series are superimposed on each other. The original content becomes obscured, thereby creating visual fragments that are almost void of content and surrounded by uneven frames. What these collages lose in recognizable imagery, they gain in atmosphere. Combined with the specific language of the headlines, they create spaces of longing that relate back to the movie culture of the GDR as much as they represent our present day desire for alternative worlds.

The opening on October 19th will start at 7.10 pm. The show will run until Noveber 16th and you can see the exhibition during cinema opening hours.

More information on the Facebook event page.